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Laurie Bachelder, Principal

Laurie Bachelder is the founder of Freedom Wealth Advisors, LLC. Laurie has been providing independent financial advice and portfolio management for the past 20 years. Laurie has a wealth of experience providing investment advice, with a specific concentration in non-traditional investments in Retirement Accounts and the development of alternative investment strategies.

Laurie is a specialist and an industry leader in the Self-Directed IRA Industry, enabling investments in Real Estate and other alternative assets to be held within a Self-Directed Retirement Accounts. Through real-life experience and education, Laurie provides clients with guidance and insight on how to assemble a truly diversified portfolio, with the premise that it should contain not only a range of different asset types, but also include assets that have low correlation to one another.

Laurie is an active educator in the Self-Directed Retirement Account arena. She has a passion for educating the public of the opportunites afforded to them under that tax code which allow investors to invest in assets other than the traditional stock market assets. She has conducted numerous interviews, seminars and has written published articles on the subject. She understands people work hard for their money to save for retirement and people should have the freedom to invest that money in a way that is most beneficial to them.

Outside of her work, (which doesn’t feel like work to her), Laurie is an active volunteer in her children’s school community, on the field and in the classroom. Laurie founded and runs Help ME Recover. She started this organization after witnessing a man overdose in Deering Oaks Park one day with her children. It was an eye-opening experience for Laurie as she released that the opiate crises is a community issue. She founded Help ME Recover, a non-profit organization that provide scholarships for individuals transitioning from a rehabilitation program to a sober living facility.

Laurie lives in North Yarmouth with her husband of 20 years and has 3 beautiful daughters who keep her feeling blessed each and everyday.