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401K (Traditional/Non Traditional) and ROBS Plans

How Well Do You Really Know Your 401k Plan?   Have You Looked Under the Hood Lately?

  • Is your plan supported by an independent Registered Investment Advisor? Or a Broker?
  • Do you utilize an Open Architecture plan for your investment choices? Or do you have a pre packaged/pre selected plan?
  • Does your plan allow for investment in non-traditional assets like real estate, franchises, livestock, etc? Or limited to investments in the traditional markets, like mutual funds, stocks and bonds?
  • Is your plan Bundled? Unbundled?
  • Is your 401k provider a Fiduciary to your plan? Or have they simply sold you a Product?

As a fee-only Independent Registered Investment Advisory firm we provide our clients unbiased and objective solutions for their specific needs. We have no incentive to recommend certain commission based investments or generate commissions which might otherwise distort the ability to be completely objective. Our independence allows us to eliminate conflicts of interest which can occur in the financial services industry.

Our unbiased advice and transparency comes from our desire to provide advice which is in the best interest of our client. This is one of the reasons we created our firm as a fee-only firm. This not only aligns our interests with the client, but also allows us the ability to provide advice based on all available resources, rather than just the limited resources available at many firms.

Traditional 401k

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Non Traditional 401k

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