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401(k) plans represent the future of retirement in this country. Participants may not be offered adequate options to construct a desirable and effective portfolio. The range of choices offered to participants in any plan is important, because an investor faced with an inappropriate set of choices cannot construct an efficient portfolio, no matter what weights they place on various offering.

Freedom Wealth Advisors help employers break free of common investment restrictions and limited investment menus. Freedom Wealth Advisors provides access to both traditional and non-traditional, self-directed and alternative investments.

We will work with your existing retirement plan to explore the possibility of offering non-traditional investments into your employer sponsored plan.

Investment Advice

Most Investment Advisors or Brokers only recommend and advise on traditional assets in Employer Qualified Plans, like the 401(k) Plans.   
We establish plans for our clients, provide much greater flexibility and opportunities with in a plan.


Freedom Wealth Advisors have strategic partnerships with companies that specialize in administrative support and recordkeeping support for Employer Plans that wish to offer traditional and non-traditional investments in their plans.




More Options

 Access To Traditional Investments

Publicly traded assets

Stocks & Bonds

Mutual Funds

CDs, Bills, Money Market


Access To Non-Traditional Investments

Non-publicly traded

Real Estate

Secured Loans-Deeds & Mortgage Notes

Private Placements 

Employer Securities

Promissory Notes