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At Freedom Wealth Advisors we greatly value freedom, especially when it comes to the freedom of investing your retirement money.

You have worked hard to earn your money and save for retirement- you should have the freedom to invest that money in a way that is most beneficial to you.

With Freedom Wealth Advisors you have the option and support to invest in many different types of investments. Our open architecture platform offers unparalleled investment options, resources and flexibility.

Investment options such as traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds as well as non-traditional investments that go beyond the traditional markets.

Non-traditional investments such as real estate, tax liens, mortgage notes, businesses, farm animals, sports teams and many more, all within your tax-deferred retirement account.

Freedom Wealth Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisor that is bridging the gap between traditional and non-traditional investments. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in developing true diversification strategies with a concentration on non-traditional assets in a Self Directed Retirement Account (SDRA).

We have a team of the best and the brightest experts to help clients build a sound diversified portfolio of investments


Freedom of Choice is the founding principle of Freedom Wealth Advisors.

Our mission is to offer our clients independent advice and an open architect platform to invest in a multitude of investments, traditional and non-traditional.

Freedom Wealth Advisors allows you to select the best possible investments for your portfolio, including investments beyond the traditional markets. We realize that portfolio diversification is not just limited to buying different stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

The Modern Portfolio Theory says that the risk of any investment can be reduced and/or performance increased by forming a portfolio of diverse and non-correlated assets.

Thus a portfolio comprised of only stocks, bonds, and mutual funds may not be enough to provide true diversification.

Most Investment Professionals and investors do a good job of identifying the most basic needs for different investments within the traditional markets; they don't always succeed in reducing the risk that their assets will move in tandem.

Having a low, zero or negative correlation in your portfolio is a method of managing portfolio risk. This has become increasingly more difficult since many of the markets move in a similar fashion.

Our investment philosophy and our open architect platform is the essence of Freedom. Our team of experienced and well-credentialed professionals provide advice on a breadth of investments opportunities, not just those in the traditional markets.

Our platform is not intended to replace traditional investments but to supplement them. We introduce investors to strategies designed to provide true diversification that does not correlate with the traditional equity and bond markets.