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Client Centered

You may not have the time, the knowledge, specific skill set, or you just don’t want to search for non-traditional investments to diversify your portfolio.

At Freedom Wealth Advisors, we continually search and screen non-traditional investments opportunities for our clients. There are a vast number of non-traditional investment opportunities, combine that with the rules and regulations that must be adhered to when purchasing these investments in a Self Directed IRA, and many investors find it difficult to make informed decisions.

We seek to make sense of the immense universe of investment opportunities for our clients through a comprehensive research and investment process, supported by continuous evaluation. Our process is to:

  • Indentify investment opportunities
  • Assess the risk and suitability
  • Accept
  • Provide ongoing monitoring

Due Diligence Services (specific to non-traditional investments within a Self Directed IRA)

  • Investment Risk Review
  • Investment Suitability Review
  • Investment Structure and Operational Review
  • Investment Exit Strategy Review