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Free up your time.

We understand that you want to spend your time growing your business and structuring your clients’ wealth. Our service complements your offering, reducing the time and regulatory risk associated with investment management of non-traditional investments.

You retain and manage the client relationship and we work behind the scenes to ensure proper operational compliance, risk management, and asset selection for your client’s needs.

Client Retention.

Open up new channels of investment opportunities for your clients. Strengthen client relationships, open the door to bringing in additional AUM, and possibly generate referral business.

Revenue Attraction.

Collaborate with us to enhance customer value and increase revenue. We advise on mapping out new strategies that can increase revenue.


Leverage and benefit from the skills and knowledge of Freedom Wealth Advisors, including our extensive network with accountants and attorneys. We have considerable experience with non-traditional investments and can properly navigate the rules and regulations with regard to structuring a non-traditional investment within a SDRA.

Liability Management.

Responsibility, accountability and transparency are provided. We will conduct compliance oversight for the non-traditional investments.


We will collaborate with you on:

  • Investment concepts and potential opportunities with current or prospective clients.
  • Education and training of the SDRA rules and regulations.
  • Speaking engagements for your clients, colleagues, and centers of influence.


We have strategic alliances with a number of different custodians that provide a variety of different levels of service at different cost levels.